Fiflye Shield Personal Units and Large Units are individual products use for protection and active fire-fighting, can be carried easily by hands and use on the site of fires, and can be used repeatedly. Fiflye Shield can be thrown by hand and fly to the flame to extinguish fire, is at the same time a personal Fire Water Shielding equipment that can cover part of a human body, can be placed in a house as decoration, stored in a car, or played as in sports, also used as decoration and for advertisement.

Fiflye Fire Flye Decoration, Advertisement & Sport

Fiflye is a personal protection and fire rescue equipment that can fly over a short distance, is made as a form of decoration and advertisement with Fire Water Shield Roll made with Climate Plating (CP) patent protected material, can be used on rescue when there is fire. Climate Plating (CP) are waterproof and fireproof, meeting strictest European requirements (Fire Class A2) use as fire barrier. Fiflye Roll can insulate water, electricity shock and fire, while regular material not able to do. Fiflye can be used as decoration and advertisement, posted to a private home or company building for their own advertisement, or for advertising company for third-party advertisement.

Fiflye itself can be used as decoration with designed colour and size, made with handle, hanged by hook or ring on the wall as part of the house and building decoration, can be placed inside a home, a hotel, or an office. Advertisement can be printed onto Fiflye or added to the handle to bland into daily environment of a home or a building, use as fire-shielding rescue equipment when in need. Fiflye can be used as flying object in training or sport competition for long and accurate throwing, important for fire prevention and damage limitation and use for training and Safety Maintenance.

Fiflye can be distributed and posted in any public place with colorful advertisement, normally placed nearby where there is a risk of fire, easily can be put to use to prevent fire dangerous from the heatwave of flames and smokes. Fire Water Shield Flyer can be used as rescue equipment, carried and launched by regular car, and used immediately, continually, repeatedly. Fiflye can be hung in a hotel hall, in corridor, in big kitchen, on ship, in machine room, or just kept folded in a car-door pocket.

Innovations: Fiflye printed CP Fire Water Shield Flyers can be used as advertisement in normal days, but used as fire rescue equipment to put out fire, can be thrown manually by hands in limited spaces such as inside buildings. They can be used repeatedly and represent unique lightweight equipment with advantageous logistics in relation to extinguishing strategies for a variety of fires: e.g. can go behind the winds to put out brush & grass fires.

We offer Decoration and Advertising with design and production according to the needs of each customer with flexible layout. Grey, White, Red or any desired colour can be produced. Decoration and Advertisement design can be printed onto Fiflye or added to the handle. Fiflye can be used as decoration or thrown onto the flame to extinguish fire. Fiflye can be equipped to everyone and everywhere, managed by Volunteer fire-fighter that also work in transport as Logistic courier.

(Fiflye Fire Water Shield Flyer, as shown in the picture) (Fiflye Car, as shown in the picture)

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