Fiflye Shield Units in different sizes can easily be carried and thrown by hands and used for Active Fire-Fighting. Fiflye Shield Rolls can be set up from distances with multiple barriers for Passive Fire-Defence, saving lots of work and time from fire-clearing, can be moved after fire have passed, and used repeatedly. High temperature fire flame in the video is shielded by Climate Plating - a patent protected material, made as Fiflye that shown in the pictures.

Fiflye Fire Water Shield and Delivery

Fiflye is a personal protection and fire rescue equipment that can fly over a short distance, is made as Fire Water Shield Roll or Fire Water Shield Flyer with fireproof Climate Plating (CP) patent protected material, can be printed with advertisement, and can be thrown manually by hands or by automatic-thrower in the case of fire, to throw Fiflye over fire in a car, a building, or on open fields.

Multiple Fire Water Shield Flyer CP can be thrown from safe distances onto the same objects to cover all surfaces, fix by weights and forces, close onto facades to shut down fires. These innovations take out fires without water by shutting off oxygen and burnable. Fire Water Shield Flyer CP as projectiles can be folded back after fire is extinguished, and reloaded for new use.

Fiflye are made of higher quality Climate Plating (CP) patent protected materials. As part of our promotion, we are setting up the product with user friendly price and Fire Class A2 standard, with lightweight rolls or flyers that can be used as everyday advertisement and rescue equipment to extinguish fires if emergency happen. Damaged Fire Water Shield Flyer can also be recycled for new use, for training and for Safety Maintenance, important for fire prevention and damage limitation.

Fiflye sizes and list-price 2020 are hand-hold Fire Water Shield personal equipment: Fiflye Handy Shield (Size 0.5x1.23 m with handle, 375 g, 35 Euro +VAT) for hand-throw. Fiflye Handy Large (Size 1x 2.23 m, with handle, 1,25 kg, 115 Euro +VAT) for hand-throw.

Fiflye Handy Shield is the popular product for everybody: made as hand-hold Fire Water Shield personal equipment that can cover part of a human body, can be hanged by hook or ring as wall-decoration in public places such as in the living room, in the kitchen, in hotel hall or reception, in bus and train waiting room, in the corridor or in an office, or in a regular car or house with 1 to 4 sets, always ready to be used as personal shield protection and fire rescue equipment, can be thrown by hand and fly onto the flame to extinguish fire, fit for 0.8 x 1.2 m Euro-Pallet for transport, can be ordered and delivered to customer in each city.

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