Aifiv is a soft shield as a rain, and as flying shield for fire-extinguishing, made with patent protected Climate Plating material that can avoid fire and water damages, stored for fire prevention, rescue, sport and damage limitation. Fiflye membership protection is unique as Active Insurance, with Fiflye Shield Units delivered or stored in local networks and exchanged as a Bank, vital for fire prevention and damage limitation. Climate Plating – is a patent protected Soft Innovation shown - shielding flame temperature.

Fiflye Membership & Insurance

Fiflye provide the finance and connections needed for Insurance with active protection policy that provide Fiflye Handy Shield and Fiflye Handy Large unit to each customer, stored as bank for emergency use, and can be exchanged between customers, vital for fire prevention and damage limitation.

Fiflyes is light-weight personal equipment can avoid water damage or foam contamination from regular fire-fighting, can build fire barriers without fire ditches, saving many heavy physical labour. Fiflye can insulate water, electric shock and fire, while regular material not able to do. Fiflye can be placed in a house as decoration, stored in a car, or played in training and Safety Maintenance. is our company that make Insurance and Bank with Climate Plating (CP) technology for personal protection and fire rescue equipment that can fly over a short distance. Fiflye Hendy products can be carried in: private cars, trucks, city fire departments, homes and offices, ready for fast use, particularly relevant for fires where use of water is contra-indicated, ie. against car fires, house or building fires, church or museum building fires, oil- or electric construction fires.

Our niches and areas of specialization are: 1. Active Protection Insurance: Damage limitation with Fiflye Handy Shield and Handy Large with standard Insurance-Agreement. 2. Storage and Exchange Bank: Fiflye can be stored, with standard Insurance-Agreement can be exchanged in Bank.

We combine with most of the major insurance companies to provide you the policy with better Insurance offers. Trust is our most important factor for our growth and we grow with the economy of every country. Our unique insurance products Fiflye is our way to success. It is important for private person and company to get protection with this new Insurance Concept and Fiflye-products for Damage Prevention and Limitation.

A normal house will need 1 to 2 units of 4 x smaller size House Fiflye with 4 to 8 sets of Handy Shield, with 1 or more sets in 1 group, hanged on the walls and in the kitchen for fire-security. A normal Car will need 1 to 2 units of bigger size Car Fiflye with 1 or 2 sets of Handy Large, with 1 set folded in side-door-pocket and 1 set in the trunk, easy to use for fire- extinguishing.

Our Insurance and Bank will offer services with partners and agents in all countries. List-price 2020: House Fiflye: 4 x Handy Shield with house insurance €280,00 EUR per unit per year. Car Fiflye: 1 x Handy Large with car insurance €230,00 EUR per unit per year.

Fiflye can be made as beautiful decoration in hotels, shopping centers, airports, bus and train stations, offices, churches, and any public places. Fiflye can be hung with added advertisements and insurance, and used as security equipment for fire-prevention, protection, and fire-extinguishing.

Memberships and Shops - for private persons - for business and companies